Biden Bulletin: ‘Pakistan is one of the most dangerous nations’

Pakistan in turn may consider the notion as the Biden beak going berserk

This news is the worst news of the year for Pakistan. American President has termed it as ‘one of the most dangerous nations’.

Not only Joe Biden said it, he also explained it. US President Joe Biden has a huge message with what he said on Pakistan. He states Pakistan is one of the most dangerous nations in the world.

Speakin in Irvine, California the American President has taken aback all specially Pakistan and India. The new trends globally is changing the world  rapidly and it also goes beyond control some times. On Friday the 14th at a Democratic congressional campaign committee reception Biden asserted about the world’s new journey on the threads so sensitive impacting each other’s interests.

Biden holds the reason is the new trend which is not necessarily associated with a leader or a country.

The American President was talking about the global impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Biden also explained the quality factors over US’ relationship with other countries.