Billionaire wife : Sunak ‘Sarkar’ originally driven by Ghar-Pariwar

Akshata Murty is the daughter of the Infosys founder and now the UK PM’s wife. Sunak’s billionaire fashion designer wife has proved boon during the battle this time for the top UK post for her husband.

Naryana Murthy is the man who had jointly founde3d the tech giant Infosys forty one years ago weigh back in 1981. And the new UK Prime Minister’s wife Akshata Murty is proud of both – the father and the husband.

The Billionaire Fashion Designer wife also has an Indian origin which is another plus point for Rishi Sunak. All the Asian wives especially the Indian ones were truly supporting the new Prime Minister more than their male folks. And that popularity also helps for the people sitting in the House of Commons.

Akshata Murty is fabulously rich and the credit directly goes to her billionaire father. Though this is the fortune that has been attracting controversy for Sunak as ordinary people in Britain are reeling from a cost-of-living crisis now a days.

Now worth around $75 billion the tech giant Infosys has proved instrumental to transform India into the “back office of the world”.

Talk about the new UK PM Rishi Sunak’s mother in law Sudha Murthy, she has been associated with ‘Tata Motors’ first female engineer. She was on the post after famously complaining via a postcard to the chairman. And the postcard was about the firm’s stipulation that “No lady candidates acceptable”.

Known as “India’s favorite granny”, Sudha Murthy is a a powerful name in social work and prolific author. She is building 16,000 toilets and setting up 60,000 libraries. On her personal front she is reputed to be humble despite her own massive wealth.

A Southampton doctor’s sun Rishi Sunak was the Murty couple’s choice as the husband for the daughter Akshata. Rishi and Akshata met met at the UK’s Stanford University when Murty was pursuing her MBA and it was then when the future British PM was a Fulbright scholar holding a first-class degree from Oxford.

The reception during their 2009 wedding witnessed the presence of around one thousand  guests which included politicians, industrialists and cricketers.

In Infosys Akshata’s stake is worth about seven hundred million dollars which makes her richer than the late Queen Elizabeth-II. Her personal wealth also was estimated at about four hundred sixty million dollars by the year 2021.

The 42-year-old wife of the new UK PM has also earned tens of millions in dividends during the last couple of years, nevertheless her “non-domicile” status in England shielded a portion of this income from the taxes of the country.