China Coup goes viral as a Twitter Joke

Amid the speculations of the suspected China Coup, now there is a twitter thread going viral which is basically a satire against Xi Jinping, the Chinese premier.

China’s rumoured coup is again the talk of the town with a new Twitter viral.  The credit goes to the reporter Georg Fahrion who recently had mocked the rumours. He tweeted a thread showing images from everyday life going on as normal in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

This is form of an unsubstantiated rumour displaying a silent coup which unfolded in China against president Xi Jinping dominating social media platforms. A tweet on this by Beijing correspondent for German news outlet, Der Spiegel, has been viral through his twitter thread mocking the coup.

jabbing at the rumored coup the reporter Georg Fahrion writes that he had undertaken his investigation at a “considerable personal risk.”

Reaching to Xinhua Gate, he shows in the video saying, ‘‘This is the main entrance to the Zhongnanhai compound, where resides the entire central leadership including Xi Jinping. Elite paratroopers have wrested control over the gate,  and they cunningly disguise as the 5 middle-aged dudes