‘Come G20, boot Russia!’ : SOS by Ukraine

The G20 is called on by Ukraine to expel Russia. Zelenski also demands revoking of the Russian President’s invitation to a summit in Bali in December.

“With Russian President’s hands stained in blood, Putin must not be allowed to be sitting with world leaders at the global table.” This is what says a Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesperson after Prez Putin acknowledged ordering missile raids.

On one hand the United Kingdom states millions sent to bolster Ukraine’s cyber defenses, Ukraine is expecting G20 intervention with full strength.

United Kingdom mentions that it is funneling millions of pounds for strengthening Ukraine’s cyber defenses. Initially a package of £6.35 million was mobilized in response to a rising “tempo” of Russian cyber activity in Ukraine. But then from the beginning of Russia’s invasion in February, Britain has been kept quiet till the date for security reasons, government sources reveal, whereas Moscow has been denying its involvement in Ukraine cyber strikes in the past.