COP27: Indian phase down on all fossil fuels

At COP27, India opts for ‘phasing down’ on all fossil fuels and that is the aim to achieve in the global platform.

Batting for phase-down of all fossil fuels and not only coal, India calls out the duplicity of the so-called developed countries. Indian argument clarifies that selective labelling of certain energy sources being called as ‘green’ in fact does not stand a base in science.

In the Egyptian city Sharm el-Sheikh, a sign reading “fossil fuels out” is being displayed whereas the COP27 UN climate summit is witnessing a demonstration.

Indian side moves proactively in order to counter the pressure on coal which may come its way again. India cites the recent IPCC reports for emphasizing that meeting the 2 degree or 1.5 degree Celsius temperature targets do need the phase-down of not just coal but also all fossil fuels.

India, simultaneously calls out the duplicity by the presumed first world countries, clarifying the fact that the selective labelling of a few energy sources as ‘green’ actually have no basis in science.

Indian argument clearly aims at the latest European Parliamentary decision to classify certain uses of gas as “green”. In fact it has not been mentioned.