French Kiss to Nobel Literate: Woman wins the global prize

Merci Beaucoup, says Annie Ernaux after having the best accolade for her writings

‘Nobel Literature Prize for the year 2022 goes to Annie Ernaux !’ this is what was heard before awarding the lady the prestigious gold medal trophy

The lady is now well-known as the Nobel Literature winner for the year 2022. Originally a French writer Annie Ernaux talks about her life as journey to grow as a writer.

Annie utilized her own experience for exploring life in France for last eighty two years. While on 6th of October when the Swedish Academy announced her name as the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

Her award for her work with perspiration for around eight decades is the award for work that shines light on her life’s dark corners where she has memories of family, friends and society.

As per the statement of the Swedish Academy, the 82 years old writer, Ernaux has achieved the biggest land mark for the way she writes. Ernaux writes about the complex nature of her personal memories and this is what makes her different from others.

And yes, Annie Ernaux is outstanding with the top global award by The Nobel Agency.

Her pleasure also includes the happiness she receives after knowing that she is the first French writer to have received the Nobel Prize in Literature after Patrick Modiano in 2014.