‘God-forsaken place’: Afghanistan still haunts America

A year after chaotic US exit now the US President has no words of praise for Afghanistan. As the historical American mistake the Taliban country still haunts the US Army.

On Afghanistan says Joe Biden, ‘‘It is a God-forsaken place on the surface of earth!’’

Not so long after the US leader’s remark, Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid did not wait to respond and claimed that American President was doing so in frustration.

The US president annoyed the Taliban as he repeatedly called Afghanistan a “God-forsaken place”. Joe Biden appears to be targeting Afghanistan when he is heard saying, “Lots of you guys have been to Afghanistan. I have also been to every part of this country. It is a Godforsaken place — it certainly a Godforsaken place.”

US president’s comment is speculated to be talked about in the middle east countries some of them are known to be good friends of Afghanistan. Though, there is no other message America tries to send across with the comments.

The comment made by the President came up when he was addressing war veterans at an election rally in San Diego. During the speech, President Biden also talked about his several trips to the Afghan war zone earliear as an American senator and vice president of America.