Has Biden bitten by bad memory?

Biden is a patient of Dementia and this month twice he lost track of things

Strangely Biden says he had ‘spoken to’ the man who ‘invented’ insulin, but the man actually had already died before president was born.

The Biden claim seems either he gets attacked by dementia or he tries to impress the world with lies. The president says he spoke to the man who invented insulin.

It was Hallandale Beach of Florida in the United States where President Joe Biden spoke to the supporters yesterday on Tuesday 01 November 2022 where he claimed that he met the inventor of insulin.

Telling a room full of supporters in Florida, President Joe Biden told that it was never patented just because it was to be available to everyone in the world.

The US president was giving a speech and the occasion was to gain support for the Democratic Party which is going into the midterm polls.

Biden also spoke about the Inflation Reduction Act with its effect it is going to have for the people on Social Security and Medicare, during his speech.

The reason of capping the cost of insulin at $35, as per Joe Biden, this is because the treatment against the deadly disease diabetes was intended to be made available for everyone.

Let us see exactly what the President said. Asking the crowd, “How many of you know somebody with diabetes and needs insulin?” Biden continued with the words. – “Are you guys aware how much it costs to make insulin medicine against diabetes? … The man who invented it, did not patent it due his aspiration of making it available for everyone. I spoke to him, OK?”