How much Hindu is a British Rishi Sunak ?

Rishi Sunak is known to be a proud Hindu. This is very interesting to know how the new United Kingdom Prime Minister always wears his religion on his sleeve.

The man with brains is the choice of the UK. As Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak not only has trust but also the challenge to maintain the trust. Well-known for wearing his religion on his sleeve, the Indian-origin, British PM wears sacred Hindu red thread and also does the Gau Pooja. He also visits temple and lights diyas outside his office.

Rishi Sunak has never shied away from displaying his cultural roots. There are many instances when Rishi Sunak embraced Hinduism, his religion publicly.

Still Rishi Sunak’s proud Hindu face never came on his way to the top chair.

When Rishi Sunak was on the cusp of becoming the PM, it was said that he would be the first British PM not coming from a Christian background. Still the country full of Christians chose him.

Rishi Sunak. the first Asian person to ever hold the office, has also been the first PM to practice a non-Christian religion in the grand Christian country.

For finding an individual previously as a politician from an ethnic minority lived in 10 Downing Street, we have to go back around 140 years back. There we see Benjamin Disraeli who was so far the first and last having been born to a Jewish family. Still, he was a baptised Christian. Thus PM Sunak is the first not to have a Christian background.

In his personal life, the politician Sunak is a devout Hindu being a regular visitor to Hindu temples. Every year he keeps going to visit that particular temple where he was born in Southampton. Not only him, his daughters, Krishna and Anoushka are also deeply rooted in the Indian culture.

The day Rishi Sunak became a member of parliament in the UK, he swore his oath of allegiance on the holy Hindu book Bhagavad Gita. Sunak was heard loud and clear in public that even though he is a British citizen, he is delighted to remain a “proud Hindu”.