Huge US support to Taiwan: Washington announces a $1.1 Billion Military Aid

Amid China tensions this is a huge good news for Taiwan. Though China will certainly not like it still America is mincing no words in supporting Taiwan literally and figuratively.

Following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s defiant visit to Taiwan, America has prompted China for pretending to launch a show of force against Taiwan. And this certainly could be a trial run for a future invasion.

But apart from the huge support to Taiwan, America also appealed China to cease its diplomatic, military and economic pressure tricks against Taiwan.

Washington announced on Friday the second of September, 2022 another $1.1 billion package of arms for Taiwan. This appears to be a fresh bid towards raising the confidence bar of the island. The defence forces of Taiwan are on a high alert twenty four into seven.

This US package to Taiwan includes around $665 million dollars for an early radar warning system in order to practically provide ground support to Taiwan.

This military support by American will help Taiwan in tracking incoming missiles  along with being capable of sinking incoming ships through 60 advanced Harpoon missiles.