Imran Assassination Attempt: Shooter says ‘wanted to kill him for misleading us’

"Sirf Imran Khan ko maarna tha (I just came to kill Imran Khan)." says the gunman

The shooter caught by the police says that he came to kill ex-PM and PTI supremo Imran Khan for “he was misleading the people of Pakistan.”

As per the words said by the shooter on camera “He (Imran) was misleading all of us and I did not want to bear watching it this is why I killed him.. I attempted to kill him.”

The gunman as the suspect caught said the above lines in a recorded video statement.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been admitted in a hospital after he was shot in the leg during a political rally in Waziraabad, Pakistan.

The man who has been identified as the shooter says he had come to the rally to kill Imran Khan for his misleading statements.

The man who fired at Imran Khan at a rally this evening said he had come to kill the former Pakistan Prime Minister because he believed that he was “misleading” people.

As per the reports, there were two shooters, one with a rifle and other one with an automatic rifle.

After the assassination attempt at Imran Khan, the top Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leaders call it “An attempt to kill their leader who was challenging the government.”

Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan has been leading a procession against government policies since last Friday from Lahore and was heading to the capital, Islamabad. The march was also meant for campaigning in view of elections after being ousted from office six months back in April 2022.

The statement recorded shows the alleged shooter saying on camera “Sirf Imran Khan ko maarna tha (I just came to kill Imran Khan).” The gunman arrested also told to the police that he had arrived in a bike to Gujranwala, where leaving his vehicle at his uncle’s place, he had come to the rally.