India may bring peace between Russia-Ukraine?

The grapevine says, India is trying on aiming something which has not been so far done by others at the global arena as far as the ongoing war is concerned.

Russia-Ukraine war does not seem to last long now, if the reports hidden so far are true. It is said that Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is trying to broker peace between Russia-Ukraine in Moscow.

Jaishankar is on a two-day visit to Russia where he will be soon preoccupied discussing with his counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. There are various issues in agenda to be discussed with the Russian Foreign Minister, which includes trade and economic cooperation.

There are speculations that the Union minister is also going to raise the issue of the eight months plus long war in Ukraine.

The external affairs minister’s agenda in Moscow if given so is going to be a historical occasion for a historical result.

Considering this that S Jaishankar is to make attempt towards brokering peace between Russia-Ukraine, this is going to be a grand Indian diplomatic victory on the global dais.

This is the first visit of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s to Russia in 2022. The Putin-led country is going to welcome the visiting Indian leader after the Russian leader waged war against Ukraine this year. It was July 2021 when Jaishankar last visited Russia.

The 258 days of war with deaths and destruction, Russia has come up as another adamant country after China which may be despite by the world fraternity. But if the things go right after the Musk proposal of peace, External Affairs Minister of India may bring some good news for world.

After Sergey Lavrov, S Jaishankar in Moscow is also to meet Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, the Russian trade minister.

Significantly, Jaishankar’s visit has come days before the Bali G-20 summit, scheduled on the 15th and 16th of November. In the Bali Summit, for the first time Putin and the western leaders with US President Joe Biden are meeting sitting in the same room.

Moreover, the external affairs minister’s visit comes after Vladimir Putin praised India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice in the past few weeks — for India’s “talented” population, and the “independent foreign policy” it has chosen. There are speculations that Jaishankar’s visit is an attempt to mediate between Russia and Ukraine.