India strongly wants peace in Ukraine through the UN

Indian External Affairs Minister clarifies Indian stand on the Russia-Ukraine war

This certainly shows India’s profound concern for global peace.  India has strongly appealed for efforts to end the Ukraine war at the UN.

India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar was speaking on the United Nations Security Council meeting. He called the trajectory of the Ukraine war as a matter of grave concern for the global human fraternity. This was basically Indian appeal from the global platform for entire international community towards the profound concern.

Jaishankar voiced India opinion on the Russia-Ukraine war saying the outlook here appears truly disturbing.

This was not for the first time an Indian appeal towards the peace. Indian Prime Minister has also conveyed to Vladimir Putin his disapproval of the Ukraine war and this happened when he met his Russian counterpart during the SCO summit at Uzbekistan.

This is being considered as the sharpest Indian statement on the Russia-Ukraine war. Not surprisingly for Russia, India yesterday on 22nd September 2022 “strongly” called for an end to the seven months prolonged armed conflict. India holds that the situation is a matter of real grave concern.