Is it Putin’s Global Warning to the World?

Global climate change in Putin's intentions

This is time to mandatorily predict the future global scenario on the side-lines of Putin’s latest statement which appears more cautioning than a warning.

Announcing partial mobilization in Russia, Vladimir Putin has warned West saying, – ‘‘We have weapons…’’

Let us complete the sentence what is supposedly voiced by the Russian President –‘‘We have weapons of mass destruction, so be aware!’’

Clearly it is a global warning cautioning the West. Appealing to avoid provocative actions, Putin tries to insinuate that Russia can go to any extent, no matter what.

This was Russian President Vladimir Putin indignant gesture against the nations opposing Russian aggression over Ukraine. He said this while addressing an event in Moscow.

Talking over Russia-Ukraine War, the Russian President announced about the decree on partial mobilization of Russian army. He said the decree has been signed.

This was one of the rare addresses by the Russian President where he held that Russia’s  2 million-strong military reserves has been signed to mobilize while reaching to its seven months of war against Ukraine.

Putin did not mince words uttering this: “Our defending the motherland along with its sovereignty and territorial integrity” will be considered as an Russian escalation by the West.