​Israel’s clarification over the shot reporter of Al Jazeera

It must have been a mistake and the reporter might have been gunned down “Accidentally”. Admitting to the bullet shot killing an Al Jazeera Reporter, Israel army says it was not intended.

The killed reporter wearing a helmet along with a bulletproof vest marked “Press” has found to be belonging to Al Jazeera. She, identified as Abu Akleh was shot dead during an Israeli army operation.

Feeling regret over the incident Israel says Shireen Abu Akleh may Have Been Shot “Accidentally” in the head. The clarification came following the Palestinian Authority accused Israel of killing an intentional media representative.

Jerusalem admitted that the incident took place due to the Israeli soldier mistook the Palestinian-American reporter to be a terrorist.

The statement says the gunfire was meant to be fired toward suspects identified as armed Palestinian gunmen by the Israel Defence Forces.

The incident transpired around a month back in an ambush with militants in the occupied West Bank. Israeli Army’s statement clearly made it clear that determining the source of the deadly shot is impossible.