Insinuation for India: 450 Million Dollars Joe-American Support for Pakistan

United States has finally given its nod to $450 million dollars proposed military sale for Pakistan towards its F-16 Fleet maintenance.

This is Joe Biden, now a different man withdrawing all global American commitments gradually which were enforced by previous Presidents of America.

In plain words, it’s an action show-causing an invisible revenge against India. India not supporting America in the Russia-Ukrain war is having a good amity with Russia and this is something unacceptable to America directly or indirectly.

Not only this, the Joe-America has suspended the former US Prez Donald Trump’s decision in the year 2018 of ceasing two hundred million dollars aid to Pakistan against its failed promise of clamping down on the terrorism, Afghan Talibans and Hakkani Network terror outfit along with dismantling their safe abode in the country. Now the aid will again be given to Islamabad as a security support from America.

Now under the Foreign Military Sales program, America has approved a $450 million proposed military sale for Pakistan to help them sustain their F-16 jet fleet.

Though the proposed sale has no inclusion of any new capabilities, still this is the biggest American favour to Pakistan which is overtly going to financially enable it to meet current and future counterterrorism threats. But in other clear words this is a clear hint of danger hovering over India from Pakistani skies.