Modi was right on Ukrain war, says French President

The significant statement is well noteworthy on the side-lines of the Russia-Ukrain war. The French President says PM Modi was right when he talked about Russia-Ukrain war.

What was it that PM Modi talked about? The message to Russia by Macron has a significance keeping the war in view.

The President of France said that quoting Indian PM –‘‘Russian invasion of Ukraine is going to divide the world which can brinkg the “age of colonialism” back.

This is one arrow with two targets. Emmanuel Macron was addressing the global gathering of leaders at the United Nations General Assembly.

France’s President Emmanuel during the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York City warned about the possible global scenario as an outcome of the Russia – Ukaraine war.

Macron quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that PM Modi was right when he said to Putin that the time is not for war.