More Surprising Than Shocking: Indian move to please China in UN

Again India Abstained from voting at the dais of the United Nations and this time the resolution was against Chinese human rights violation.

The worsening human rights situation in China has been a news for decades but in vain. Now again when there was a resolution against it, the supporters were absent.

For years global human rights groups have been alerting about what is happening in China. The resource-rich north-western Chinese province Xinjiang has been witnessing tortures to more than one million Uyghurs who are being detained against their will.

The recent voting on the above mentioned resolution fell flat due to its support by only 17 members who voted in favor of it.

On Thursday, 5th of October India abstained from voting on this draft resolution in the UN Human Rights Council where a debate was to be initiated on the Chinese human rights situation.

Human rights groups have been sounding the alarm for years and years together alleging that more than one million Uyghurs had been detained in the so called Beijing’s “re-education camps”.