Musky Business: Elon’s plan to resolve China-Taiwan tussle

Trust me, follow my plan, and your tension will go away, says Musk to China-Taiwan

This is a good news in perspective of Taiwan specially and otherwise for the international community. The richest tycoon is willing to resolve tension between China and Taiwan.

The offer is said to be Elon’s own thought out of which he aspires to propose for resolving the war-like situation on Taiwan borders.

Calling it an inevitable tension, Elon Musk says, he reckons the situation as a warning. According to him this can potential impact on not only Tesla, but also on Phone maker Apple Inc and the wider economy also.

This global industrialist apparently a philanthropist has also suggested a path to “Ukraine-Russia Peace” earlier.

Though the plan the billionaire has for resolving the China-Taiwan tension is not at all viable. He thinks handing over some control of Taiwan to Beijing can resolve tensions between China and Taiwan.

Some time ago when he floated a possible deal to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, his deal was badly condemned in Ukraine and the reason was the same as he found one’s loss as the other one’s happiness which could eliminate the bone of contention.

Though practical, still the Musky thought does not stand on the practical grounds of today’s world.