NASAMS on the way to Ukraine: Will Russia need a plan B?

Russia now may run out of options if it does not have a Plan B. The NASAMS are known to be game changer and now they head to Ukraine.

Huge Russian attack on Ukrainian infrastructure has targeted the residential areas as well between October 10 and 11. Now it gets more challenging to Russia when the US has decided to rush National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System for Ukraine.

After the temporary good news for Ukraine the reports suggest that the NASAMS would be reaching to Ukraine by the end of October.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Joe Biden for the timely help though it every day now seems so late. The Ukraine President is upbeat about the impact post NASAMS  arrival.

Zelensky also was upbeat at the time of the arrival of the Western weapon systems earlier, viz. HIMARS, HARM , Stringer, Switchblade, Starstreak,  M777, Harpoons, , etc.

As per the statement of the White House National Security Council, America is speeding up the sophisticated NASAMS shipments for strengthening air defenses to Ukraine.

On the other hand Russian Army has repeatedly been using  air, ground and sea-launched cruise missiles which attacked Ukrainian infrastructure, command & control center on the country’s western side.