Now Kamikaze Attack: Neo-Russian-indignance over Ukrain

Reminding of the second world war, Kamikaze has been activated by Russia over Ukraine

Now a frustrated Russia has opted for Kamikaze weapons on Ukraine. Hitting hard on North and Southern Ukrainian decks Russian kamikaze drones and missiles are causing grave devastation.

On one hand Russia is as always preoccupied with attacks on the neighbor, Putin on the other hand seems prepared to have peace talks with Turkey’s president.

Media tracking developments on the war in Ukraine reveals that Ukraine is facing now with more missile strikes. The overnight attack witnesses critical infrastructure getting hit in the Kyiv region. The southern city Mykolaiv is also said to be massively shelled.

Last week’s Russian missile strikes seemed to have compelled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to call for more international assistance. America and a few European nations have agreed for a heavier support in the form of air defense systems.

Yesterday on 12th of October 2022 the Ukrainian President has been heard saying – “the more heavier and heinous Russian terror becomes, the more clearer  it gets to the world that assisting Ukraine in the war is one of the most important humanitarian tasks in the interest of Europe.”

Kamikaze weapons originally belong to the Second World War when a Japanese aircraft loaded with explosives made a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy target. Now the Russian Kamikaze use signifies its frustration over the long lasting war against Ukraine.