Political Thunderbolt: Rishi Sunak may be new UK PM, says the grapevine

As per the news from the Liz Truss land, the rebels are plotting to replace the lady PM with Rishi Sunak.

Amid UK crisis the picture of Rishi Sunak versus Liz Truss gets more intense now. ‘The Times’ through its  YouGov poll have come to find that most of the Tory party supporters feel cheated and say that the party has chosen the wrong candidate.

Amid UK crisis the news of rebels planning to replace PM Liz Truss with  Rishi Sunak is a kind of thunderbolt in Britain.

Here the new inner poll has the tough trust factor against the national poll, finding Liz Truss as a weak leader of the Tory party. Their repenting silence says the party chose the wrong candidate in the presidential election.

UK’s governing Conservative Party has now rebels too who are sitting on the backbenches are heard to be plotting an indirect coup. Intending to replace Liz Truss as party leader the leaders want a change on the top chair. and For the post of the UK Prime Minister the so-called “unity” has involved former leadership rival Rishi Sunak.