Royal Demise: Queen Elizabeth bid adieu to the world

The longest queen of England bid adieu to the world. Prince Charles is the new King of England.

The 96 years old grand first lady of England was not feeling well for quite some time. The topmost doctors or the UK were in her service taking care of her health, but in vain.

The lady monarch served the United Kingdom for seven decades. She was not only the Britain’s longest Queen but also the world history’s longest administrator of a country.

Thursday was the last day the Queen was seen smiling on her bed. And that was the last lovely memory she left after her. She died her Balmoral Castle in Scotland. And thus the the longest reign in the history of the United Kingdom was over which also was one of the longest reigns by any head of state.

Following Queen Elizabeth II death, her eldest son as the new monarch of the country, King Charles III will be giving his first address as the new UK King over the sad demise of the Queen.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoles death of the Queen Elizabeth 2. On her demise, the PM said the Queen was the stalwart of our time.

As a crowned queen, the royal rule of Queen Elizabeth II was commanding seven countries along with that the Queen also reigned over sixteen nations. She was enthroned in the year 1952 following the demise of her father king George VI and then United Kingdom proceeded further with Royal Command of the 32 years old queen.