Russia and Ukraine win Nobel for Peace with Belaurs!!

There are only two countries in the world today who are beleaguered in the dire state fighting with each other. And the same countries have achieved the global price for peace.

Russia and Ukraine must be ashamed of what they are doing after getting the Nobel Peace Price with Belarus Rights Advocate.

Belarus Rights Advocate, Russian And Ukrainian Groups have won the top international price where Byalyatski was awarded the prize today on 7th of October 2022 alongside Russian human rights organization Memorial and Ukrainian human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties.

The jailed Belarusian human rights activist Ales Byalyatski is the one who will not be present at the ceremony to receive the award. He is one of the political prisoners in Belarus.

Though the representation from Russia and Ukraine is also not certain though this is a certainly a message for the countries to now call it a day.

The fact that the country headed by Lukashenko, Belarus is not actually proud of the grand price which has gone to their prisoner who is so called Anti-Nationalist, still the denizens of the nation have a reason to be gloriously glad.

Simultaneously, the people who support the ‘prisoners’ in Belarus, say, “It’s not only for him but for all political prisoners which we have now in Belarus!”