Desired by Russia Rejected by UN: No secret vote on Ukraine

The demand for a secret mandate on Ukraine has been refused by the UN. The UN clearly has come up opposing the Russian aggression over its beleaguered neighbor.

United Nations dominance in UN has a silent aggression against Russian attack on Ukraine. The silence is a buzzing alarm for both sides now with rejecting Russia’s call towards a secret voting on Ukraine.

The United Nations General Assembly formally mulled over the Russian demand and decided, with 107 votes in favor which was the clear support to Ukraine in the global platform.

General Assembly concluded with the confirmation of a public voting – and not a secret ballot.

The UN also decided to put forward a draft resolution condemning Russia’s “illegal so-called referenda” along with its attempted illegal annexation of the neighbour.

Thus it has also been clarified by the international organization that the four Ukrainian provinces’ annexation has not been supported by it.

The inner voting over Russian proposition witnessed only thirteen countries standing against  holding a public vote on the Russian draft resolution where as the majority support was seen with seventeen nations supporting it.