SpaceX Launches Israeli Earth-Imaging Satellite EROS C-3 Into Orbit

We are honored to be one of the very few countries that have managed to introduce original technology for Artemis I.

EROS C-3 on the way to the space.

EROS C-3 on the way to the space.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the Israeli Earth-imaging satellite EROS C-3 into orbit from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on 30 December 2022. Liftoff occurred at 1:08 pm IST, on Friday.

The single engine powering the second stage, meanwhile, fired for seven minutes and 15 seconds, releasing the EROS C-3 satellite into its planned orbit about 15 minutes after liftoff.

“This is our 61st and final SpaceX launch of 2022,” Jesse Anderson, SpaceX’s production and engineering manager, said during a live webcast.

SpaceX founder, Elon Musk also tweeted, “Launch 61 of 2022. Congrats SpaceX!”

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EROS-C3 has a resolution of about one foot (30 centimeters) for greyscale images and two feet (60 cm) for multispectral imagery.  By the end of the decade, it will form part of a quartet of EROS satellites that will work alongside two synthetic aperture radar satellites.

The first-ever EROS satellite, EROS A, was launched in 2000 and reentered Earth’s atmosphere in 2006. Little information is available about the active members of the fleet (EROS-B, EROS-C1 and EROS C2), presumably due to security concerns.

An Overview

Earth Resources Observation Satellite (EROS) is a series of Israeli commercial Earth observation satellites, designed and manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), with optical payload supplied by El-Op.

The advanced observation satellite from Israel-based remote sensing company ImageSat International (ISI) is going to be use for military intelligence and security purposes. It can be consider as another major step forward for Israel’s place in the global space industry.

ISI is the largest space company in Israel, operating a constellation of high resolution satellites providing accurate imaging worldwide.

Israel Space Agency connection with Artemis 1 mission

According to the Israel Space Agency, they have worked for Artemis 1 mission with NASA, which took place on 18 November 2022.

Israeli technology was also onboard the first integrated test of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, according to the Israel Space Agency.

The Artemis 1 crew consists of mannequins named Zohar and Helga. Zohar is wearing an AstroRad radiation protection vest developed by the Israeli company StemRad. The vest is use to protect astronauts from harmful radiation and cosmic rays in space.

“We are honored to be one of the very few countries that have managed to introduce original technology for Artemis I. The fact that the Israeli flag will wave on top of Zohar’s suit in space fills us with pride,” the Israel Space Agency said.

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