Testing Russian patience, America echoes PM Modi’s Comment

The admiration has another meaning well known to Indian External Minister

Against Indo-Russian amity, PM Modi’s Comment is being echoed by the United States which keeps examining the patience of both India and Russia.

Now the US Foreign Minister comes us saying again -“We Couldn’t Agree More with what PM Modi said to Putin”

The deliberate reiterance by America over what PM Modi said to his Russian counterpart during the SCO Summit 2022 insinuates something. And India is well aware of this only the patience of Putin is being examined every time US echoes it.

Indian Prime Minister’s comment has now become the gameplan of the US with an intention to derail the Indo-Russian amity. But fortunately, Vladimir Putin is well aware of thie mindgame.

The Comment On Ukraine Conflict by India PM was not meant to hurt the Russian feelings engrossed in Ukraine, and the reply from the other side was also well matured at a global level dais.

Now during S Jaishankar’s visit to America for bilateral consultations has this well expected statement from his counterpart Antony Blinken. The statement sounds as if the Modi phrase is being admired by the US but on the other hand it is ironically a satire against India’s alltime friend, Russia.