First boy to live in White House in 60 yrs: Trump’s son Barron

Baron Trump as the first boy to live in White House in 60 long years

Barron Trump has always been catching the attention of American media. Being the son of former US President Donald Trump is not the only reason behind his charm.

There are many things people do not know about Barron Trump. Most of the Trump kids have been now well-known to the public in last five years, but Barron Trump still seen remaining a family outlier.

The youngest son of former President Donald Trump was first seen in the eyes of the world during the election night when he was captivated on camera standing behind his father on the stage where the victory was accepted.

Since Donald Trump took office, son Barron has remained mostly  out of sight, still media managed to learn quite a few things about America’s new boy-prince.

Significantly, Barron Trump is the first boy kid to live in the White House in many last decades.

After moving to Washington with family and the father, Barron Trump officially became the first boy to grace the hall of the beautiful White House in about last sixty years. And the last time America had a “First Boy” was in the year 1961, when with President John F. Kennedy, his son JFK Jr., moved into the White House. And that time he was just a baby, says the US media reports.

And the kid Barron made his entry to the presidential palace in true Trump fashion, exiting Marine One along with strolling across the lawn of the White House to his new digs wearing a shirt which emblazoned with the words written on it- “The Expert.”

Baron’s pre-White House residing situation at Trump Tower was wonderfully sweet. And his mom then used to moisturize Baron’s face with caviar.

The US Media was aware of the fact that mom Melania Trump intends to keep Barron Trump away from the spotlight.

Since Barron Trump’s official appearances have been limited to traditional first family events like Inauguration Day festivities and the White House Easter Egg Roll,

It always seemed like Melania and Donald Trump intended to uphold the tradition of keeping children of the first families mostly away from the public eye.

During the October 2016 interview with media channels, Melania actually said it clearly – “I teach him, and I explain to him so that he could know what’s going on.”

“Baron is taking very well. I make sure, he is kept balanced and — just want to give him a childhood as normal as possible. And he is  enjoying his sports and school. He is also a great athlete. And I just want to keep him with me— away from the spotlight for now.”