The Letter Locked: Queen Elizabeth’s letter cannot be open just like that

A letter written by the Late Queen of England is now grabbing attention. The letter is locked in a vault and can be opened only on one condition.

In the historic building of Sydney houses the vault wherein the letter has been kept. Queen Elizabeth wrote that letter thirty six years ago.

Queen’s letter of 1986 is addressed to the denizens of the Sydney city. Being the Head of State, the Queen visited Australia 16 times. What is interesting people about the letter is the fact that it can only be open after sixty three more years. Thus the letter would be opened only in the year 2086 hundred years after the date of its writing.

This happens to be a secret letter since no one has an iota of the idea about what is written in it. The Queen’s personal staff also does not know about the content in it and they also have no right to open it.