Trump bounces back: Promises Hindu holocaust memorial in US

Once a faithful friend of PM Modi, the former US president is still sympathetic to India and Indians in the US. Promising Hindu holocaust memorial in US, Trump has again started a controversy in United States.

The anti-India groups opposing the idea, smell an ‘RSS agenda’ behind it. Former US President Donald Trump’s acknowledgement to Hindutva in the US and his latest promise to construct a Hindu holocaust memorial in the capital city of the nation is not being supported fully in the power corridors of America.

The promised memorial in Washington DC, is also not being lauded in India by everyone since the idea is being considered as an attempt to capture votes, simultaneously it is being termed as an ‘RSS agenda.’

Donald Trump was speaking at a Diwali event where he also clearly said that his victory in the 2016 presidential elections was because of Hindus.

“I am pleased to totally endorse the idea of constructing a Hindu holocaust memorial in Washington DC,” said the former president of America. And this was hailed amid loud cheers from the crowd before him.

The Diwali event with Trump as the chief guest was organised by Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Around two hundred Indian-Americans were present at the event.