Turning 80 Biden ramps for rematch to Trump in 2024

US Prez Joe Biden turns 80 years old becoming the first octogenarian to ever in the service of America being in the highest office of the nation.

With Biden’s birthday comes the unique milestone as the president is facing speculation about his aspiration to a reelection run. Along with this he dredges up dredges up questions about his being too old to serve another term on the top chair.

With the celebration of his birthday in Washington, a brunch was hosted by first lady Jill Biden, as told by the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.  Biden’s family members are already in town celebrating at the White House his granddaughter’s wedding on Saturday.

Now Biden appears to be ramping up for a Trump rematch, the Democrats are worried about his losing to another Republican. On the other hand, former US president Donald Trump has already made a huge announcement about his being ready for the next presidential election.

In the Eisenhower Executive Office in Washington, DC, President Joe Biden address a meeting with labor leaders and business tycoons a couple of days ago.

Top Democrats find Republicans’ greeting of Donald Trump’s third White House bid as an unenthusiastic response. Unofficially, they say that the Republicans are worried about this situation which could lead to a rather more difficult presidential poll campaign in 2024 against a fresher and younger Republican.

The American President and his aides believe that even if there looms a  potential recession next year, Biden’s reelection logic will grow stronger. The party people say the voters will start to feel the benefits in America with the implementation of laws President Biden has signed in last two years.

The Democrats believe that in House Republicans showing off their narrow hold on power via government shutdowns along with debt ceiling showdowns for trying to force repeals of those same laws, is going to help them this time even more.