Was it an Sky-Time Travel? : The mystery goes on with Pan Am-914

The mystery is sky high. Still with no clues the flight of Pan Am 914 is no where to find. Will you believe it, it had come back and then left suddenly to never come back.

This has been known as the Curious Case Of Pan Am Flight 914, though not talked about too much, nevertheless.

It was the year way back in 1955 when the airliner took off from New York City and then it landed in Venezuela in 1985.  The year has been confused with two similar stories which mentions the year 1992. This requires to go to the bottom of it to know it.

It was a Pan Am DC-4 plan which was said to have disappeared in the unknown heights of skies. For decades the search kept trying with no use, but then it reappeared itself under strange circumstances somewhere else.

With 57 passengers and six crew members the Pan Am Flight 914 was a Douglas DC-4 which had taken off from a New York City airport heading for Florida’s Miami destination.

The date cannot be forgotten which was July 2 of the year 1955. After a couple of hours the flight was scheduled to arrive in Miami. But that never happened. But the flight instead showed up with its customary announcement of arrival suddenly again got invisible to Caracas radar, and it was March 9, 1985.

To the Air Tower, the pilot voiced his concern and with a customary landing, taxied the plan toward the gate. Then the ground handlers saw the faces of the screaming passengers gluing against their windows were happy to look at a fantastic new world.

Here out of feeling some overt confusion, the pilot dropped a small calendar out of his window. Then suddenly happened something and the pilot made a hasty turn back to the runway with his plane and there he took off and in moments got disappeared as fast as he had arrived.

What about the calendar? Was the calendar dropped deliberately or in a hurry it got dropped accidently? Was the calendar the centre-figure of the secret to what actually happened? What actually was printed in it?

These are the questions which still await the replies. We might never know what actually happened. They say, Venezuela and the United States had seized that calendar along with the tower tapes. The government of both the countries have refused to comment on the incident. Decades have been intervening about it but they kept mum on it. We still keep mulling over what really might have happened to the Flight 914?