New Delhi has once again demonstrated its diplomatic tightrope walk during the Japanese PM’s visit. India and Japan have always enjoyed strong ties, and bilateral relations continue to grow despite differences over the Ukraine conflict.

Inflation is again becoming a scourge today, but see the irony that earlier in the UPA era it was said that even the increased income due to inflation is of no use, but today they say that if inflation is increasing, the income is also increasing...

Our goal is to be a world leader, and the remarkable thing is that not only are we moving confidently towards this goal, but the world is also accepting our growing stature. It is certain that the time ahead will be busier than ever for Indian diplomacy toward this goal..

The Assembly elections in nine states are being considered as a semifinal to the mega battle next year. The BJP has already taken an edge by hoisting its flag in three states..

PM Modi reminded the Russian President during a meeting last September that the era for war was over. The realization of this truth by both sides is the only way to meaningful dialogue. Democracy, Dialogue, and Diplomacy are the only means to end the war..

It is remarkable that the same America that once referred to India as a "country of beggars" while providing sub-standard wheat is now relying on India to create jobs for its people. The transformation is remarkable..

US-China tensions: Many analysts believe that there is more to the situation than what meets the eye...

India remains a beacon of hope for global investors with a projected growth of around 7 per cent. The Union Budget has added not only to these hopes but also raised the expectations of the common citizens.

the government has alleged a “colonial mindset” behind the “misrepresentation of facts” by the BBC to justify its ban. The opposition parties, on the other hand, view the ban as an assault on the freedom of expression..

In an interview given to an Arab channel, Sharif said that Pakistan has had three wars with India, and they have only brought misery, poverty and unemployment to the people. Pakistan has learned its lesson, and wants to live in peace with India, provided both countries are able to solve their real problems..