These strict measures have become a signature of the Yogi government's policy to maintain law and order in the state, and accusations of human rights violations notwithstanding, these measures have succeeded in restoring security and prosperity, as evidenced by the interest of investors..

Japan's population has fallen by more than 34 lakh people since 2008, to 12.46 crores from a peak of 12.8 crores...

One can only hope that they will now stop politicizing the issue and trust the Supreme Court-appointed committee. Hopefully, the committee will not only reveal the truth of the matter but also suggest measures to prevent the recurrence of such episodes..

Indians still haven't forgotten the Pakistani establishment's repeated deceits. Pakistan's elite needs to make a paradigm shift in its India policy for the Modi government to fulfil its neighbour's dharma. However, the permanent solution to Pakistan's economic troubles will have to come from within..

The Yogi Adityanath government has succeeded in convincing investors of the possibilities of growth in UP through sincere actions on the ground, rather than mere promises. The business world seems convinced of the Chief Minister's intent..

While building safe structures does cost money, it cannot be more expensive than losing lives. We need to raise public awareness in this direction. Although we cannot prevent earthquakes, we can certainly minimize their damage..

It could learn the perils of China’s friendship with the countries like Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, India’s budget has separate allocations for all its South Asian neighbours except for Pakistan. Burying the hatchet with India is only going to ensure Pakistan’s safe future..

The Sensex and NIFTY came down to a three-month low in just two trading sessions. Such was the impact of the report that the share market plunged by two per cent on Friday..

We have found an answer now after the BJP National Executive Council Meeting that concluded in Delhi this week. Few analysts were expecting a change of guard in the party in the run-up year to the next General elections..

The land subsidence at the temple town of Joshimath is the latest example. Hundreds of buildings here have developed cracks that are widening with each passing day. Even the famed local ropeway is at grave risk..