Section 8(3) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, says that the moment a member of parliament is convicted of any offense and sentenced for at least two years...

Although neither the Government of India nor the British High Commission has commented on the issue

The Russian president said that the enemy was hoping that factories would grind to a halt, the economy would collapse, unemployment would grow, people would start protesting, and Russia would start to sway from within and then gradually collapse..

climate migrants are sometimes forgotten among the various flows of people seeking asylum.

This is one of the most talked about things in India and outside as well, bringing disrepute to India all over the world. Now the recent adulteration examples belong to the exploits of two Indian pharmaceutical companies..

Sachin Pilot becoming trouble for the Congress government in Rajasthan. Pilot's anti-government attitude in the movement of the wives of the martyrs of Pulwama is continuously strengthening the political strategy of the BJP.

Indeed, the power of music to connect us with our past shows how music, memories, and emotions are all linked – and it seems certain songs can act as a direct line to our younger selves..

China's military aid would directly support Russia's war in Ukraine. This public disclosure, emerging less than a month after the US navy shot down a Chinese balloon that allegedly was being used for spying purposes, further heightened existing tensions between the US and China..

A few days ago Raghuram Rajan sounded a kind of warning about Hindus in India and the note of caution was about their 'growth'. He says that India was “dangerously close” to the 'Hindu rate of growth'..

With the improvement of Indian image globally, India's relations with many countries have also been improved, but it does not seem that the G-20 so far has taken any specific decisions to practically display its significance..