Google plans to roll out various AI features to its products in the near future

The company said on Wednesday, it is temporarily limiting access to news content for under 4 percent of its Canadian users as it assesses possible responses to the bill..

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to employees, says "he takes full responsibility for the decisions that got us here"

Google had been reluctant to make strides in language-based AI..

Google has given a message of greetings to the countrymen..

Google's tracker is to use radio-based communication technology that can offer accurate location abilities..

The board recognises Pichai's "strong performance" as CEO, the company said, adding that the vesting of a significant portion of the award would depend on Alphabet's total shareholder return relative to other S&P 100 companies.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has offered no assurance to worried Google employees that it won't happen.

Google is warning Gmail users on five major frauds and spams that users get to witness during the holiday season. The technology giant has advised users to avoid gift card and giveaways scams, charity-related frauds, demographic targeting attacks, subscription renewals scams and crypto related frauds. The search engine said in a blog post that it …

Fake news is being supported by Google itself? The question needs to know the fact,  Google Ads is funding misinformation across the world. Numerous infamous websites are preoccupied spreading fake news on Google and are earning thousands of dollars out of the  Google Ads. In other words, misinformation around the world is being funded by …