The analysis made on Russia-China summit by Indian media feared that Indo-Russian relations might be impacted by the summit...

Responding to another question, Kirby said the US does not think that China has taken providing lethal aid to Russia off the table

Kishida is expected to offer continuing support for Ukraine when he meets with Zelenskyy

Russian President, Vladimir Putin surprised the annexed city of Mariupol and Sevastopol, Ukraine with his visit.

The visit will emphasize providing an opportunity for both countries to discuss on G20 and G7 framework....

Serious action has been taken against the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has taken a very grave step by issuing an arrest warrant against President Putin

Will India and its renowned Prime Minister step in to restore Peace?

The move will rekindle debate about a possible Russian entry into the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as the country seeks to return to international soccer competition.

China's military aid would directly support Russia's war in Ukraine. This public disclosure, emerging less than a month after the US navy shot down a Chinese balloon that allegedly was being used for spying purposes, further heightened existing tensions between the US and China..

Air defence systems were activated in multiple regions of the country, report Ukrainian media...