Healthy, Tasty, Cool and Refreshing Desi Drink and Dip Recipe to beat the heat this summer

Enjoy both these recipes and let your summer be a little more healthier, tastier, hydrated and proudly Desi!

Barley and Jaggery Summer Cooler Sherbet

The heat is on and it’s time to cool down. Let’s face it, junk food and the many foreign food options don’t help our desi bodies be it health-wise or temperature-wise. It’s time to change the food narrative and go back to our native roots.

Here are 2 easy ways for you to enjoy your summer a bit cooler, tastier and healthier.

This Desi Cool Refreshing Sherbet is the best drink to keep you energised and cool this summer.

Barley and Jaggery Summer Cooler Sherbet


2 glasses of water

100 gms jaggery

Barley sattu to taste



Take a matka (earthen mud pot) and wash it clean.

Add two glasses of water. Now add 100 grams of jaggery. This has all the sweetness and strength you need. Plus being in an earthen pot it’s as cool as it gets.


Tip: Take a plate, add some water in it and place this earthen pot in it overnight. This will prevent any insects that might come hear the earthen pot due to the jaggery. Keeping it overnight is necessary for all the goodness of jaggery to become a part of the drink.

Next morning strain this mixture.Now to make this a real superfood drink add some jau sattu (barley sattu) to the drink.Barley has a cooling quality and no artificial energy drink can compete with the good old sattu.

None of the aerated drinks or even packaged food chocolate or energy powder mixes can close to this one. This drink is a good substitute for a complete breakfast as well.

Drink up this delicious and energising drink and be at your optimum strength the whole day long. Plus it will keep you cool as a cucumber the entire day.


Traditional Indian Tomato Chutney/Dip

This tomato chutney has been a staple food in Indian villages and has now made its way to our kitchens in the cities and hip restaurants as well. It’s easy to make, lip smackingly delicious and full of vitamin C.



3 tomatoes

8-9 cloves of garlic

1-2 chopped onions

1 tbsp mustard oil

¼ tsp roasted cumin powder

Salt to taste

Freshly chopped coriander

½ tap lemon juice



Pour the oil into a pan. Now put the tomatoes (cut into halves) and the garlic cloves onto it.

Cover it with a lid and let the tomatoes roast on a high flame till it starts to leave colour.

Flip the tomatoes to roast the other side as well.

Now remove the tomatoes and garlic cloves into a bowl. Remove the outer layer of the tomato skin. Add all the ingredients into the bowl. Mash it all together and garnish with lemon juice.

Voila! Your tomato chutney is ready to eat as a spread, dip or simply an accompaniment.

Enjoy both these recipes and let your summer be a little more healthier, tastier, hydrated and proudly Desi!