Domestic Violence: Husband slaps AAP MLA

This is not the breaking news but a breaking concern for the women in India. If a lady MLA gets beaten at home, then what to say about the rest of the women in the country.

The news goes viral with its video on social media. The video clearly shows the shocking slap scene where Punjab AAP MLA gets slapped allegedly by her husband. This video has gone viral and now awaiting the next course of action.

Strangely none of the parties involved in the incident have commented on the incident. The information with the video has already the Punjab state women commission chairperson’s office. The Chairperson states that she will take suo motu cognisance of the matter.

The widely circulated online video is showing the alleged slap-attack on AAP MLA Baljinder Kaur at her residence bringing the Punjab AAP again now is in the spotlight. So far the person who captured the video is unknown but the incident after an altercation clearly tells what is happening at the MLA’s residence.