Air India will be a world class airline: Tata’s five year goal

An attentive five year target has been set by Tatas pledging to transform Air India into a world class airline.

Through the ISB Digital Transformation Program, the top Indian industrial group  prepares working professionals for making  their organizations on the future-ready concept with a sky is the limit thought process.

Announcing the transformation plan, Tata does not hide its ambition coupled with the Airline towards its future global existence as a world-class global airline.

Air India puts in place transformation plan; Aiming around thirty per cent domestic market share in five years

Air India is going to turn into a comfortable and punctual world class airline in the guidance of new management owned by Tata Group. With increased international footprint, it is also going to see a larger domestic market share.

Using Sanskrit word for the dawn of a new journey “Vihaan.AI” the AI symbolizes to beginning of its new inning.  The airline’s ambitious plan goes through a realistic timeframe correcting the decades of mismanagement. The so far a government-owned entity will undo not only its modus operandi but also the professionalism which was too unprofessional till the date.