Bhai-Dooj 2022: The cordial bond is imperishable !

(Divyaa Kummar)


Bhai-Dooj 2022 is here!!

Celebrate your special Bhai-Behen bond with some fun and fab ideas this year.

Its 2022 and the desi bhai-behen relationship has also undergone many new avatars.

From the famous Hare Rama Hare Krishna movie Bhai-Behen equation of Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman made famous by the song “Phoolon ka tara ka sabka kehna hai, ek hazaron mein meri behnaa hai” to the Friends TV series version of Monica and Ross, whose love hate unbreakable sibling friendship has made us want a Bhai or Behen even more.

Bhai Dooj or Bhai Tikka or Bhai Phonta is celebrated throughout the country as the special day celebrating the precious brother – sister bond. It is similar to the Raksha Bandhan festival. The brother is invited for a special meal by his sister and she puts the holy teeka on his forehead and prays for his wellbeing. The brother on his part promises to protect his sister from any harm. It’s a joyous time where both also exchange gifts.

Bhai Dooj falls on 26th October this year. Whatever maybe the color or shade of your equation with your sibling, its most definitely the day to do something unique that makes your Bhai Dooj indeed an extremely special one.

Here are some fun ideas courtesy BE to do just that:

1. Get the Gift rightAwesome Twosome

Think ahead and get a customized logo of both your initials made. If you are on a budget, then get matching t-shirts printed with your special logos on it. If you want to splurge, then buy matching his and her watches and get the customized logo made on the dial. Each time they look for the time, they will be reminded of you, time after time.

2. Bhai- Behna Reels

Recreate a memorable photo from your childhood in 2022. It will bring back lovely or fun or naughty childhood memories and will add to a lot of laughter in the moment too. Plus, you will be adding to your memories and it will be fun to watch whenever you miss each other.

Make another reel capturing your 2022 Bhai Dooj celebrations with festive outfits, mithai and gifts and give us all Bhai- Behna goals.

3. Bro-Sis Movie Marathon

Here are our recommendations of lovely family and sibling films and series to watch with your brother or sister.

Bollywood fare: Dil Dhadakne Do, Masoom, Do Kaliyan, Jaane Tu ya Jaane Naa.

English fare : Spy Kids, Kate & Leopold, Gretel & Hansel: A Grim Fairy Tale, Masoom, Dil Dhadakne Do, Mrs. Doubt Fire, The Brady Bunch, Honey! I shrunk The Kids, Friends (Monica & Ross Special Episodes), E.T.

4. Temple Time

Temples are beautifully decorated at this time and while it’s great to put the ‘Tikka” on your brother in the comfort of your home a little bit of traditional time together in the ambience of the temple and in the presence of the deities themselves can be quite an uplifting and spiritual experience and can make for a beautiful memory. Get dressed in traditional attire and be in together divine mode.

5. The good old picnic

The weather is quite perfect for a day out. Pack a picnic basket with their favorite foods. Order or cook what they like to fill in the basket. Don’t forget to carry your Bluetooth speaker with their favorite playlist at hand and get ready for a fun outdoor brother- sister date. In the basket throw in their surprise gift plus a list of all the amazing things that you love about your brother or sister.

6. Spa Day Sibling Style

Why should only sisters have all the fun? Its time you both did a spa date together. It can be a great way to bond with each other while letting your hair down and getting a mani-pedi done while laughing about old childhood memories. It can be therapeutic and fun in ways you can’t imagine. And if you still have reservations about what’s a bro doing at a spa think again. A nicely turned out well-groomed brother will also be thankful to his sister as the results at the spa will also give his dating life a much needed push. I am sure the ladies will agree and soon your brother will know the multiple benefits of hanging out his sister at the spa.

7. Amazing Adventures

Every brother sister childhood is filled with interesting stories of holidays and incidents of being far too adventurous in the colony park. Time to revisit the adventure if you and your sister have a flavor for the outdoor. Go rock climbing to the nearest adventure arena or bring back the fun of childhood with paint ball wars at any paint ball arcade near you. If that’s not possible then start a balloon or pillow fight at home, what better way to bring back the childhood to 2022.

That’s our recommendations for you on the special Bhai Dooj celebrations. If like and use any of our recommendations, then please do tag #BharatExpress #BharatExpressBhaiDooj in your reels and photos on social media. We will showcase the most fun reels and photos on our portal. May the Bhai-Behen bond be a special and long lasting journey of phoolon, taaron and bhai-behen who are more like yaaron!! Shubh Bhai Dooj!!