India’s clear & strong foreign policy votes against Russian referenda in UN

India abstention did not surprise America bud did to Russia

Perhaps this is not what Russia expected out of India keeping in view the amity between the two nations after the remark by PM Modi to Vladimir Putin during the SCO Summit in Uzbekistan.

India has abstained in the United Nations’ voting against Russia’s “Illegal Referenda” on Ukraine.

The 15-nation UN Security Council was invited for the voting on the resolution condemning  Russia’s illegal “referenda” and annexations of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhizhia, Khersan and Luhansk.

Tabled by the US and Albania the referenda could not witness Indian support. India abstained on this draft resolution which was tabled in the United Nations Security Council .

The referenda not only condemned Russia’s illegal annexation of four Ukrainian territories, it also invited an immediate cessation of the violence. It intended to underlining the need for finding options towards returning to the negotiating table.

On Friday the the 15-nation UN Security Council voting also reiterated that the four states are within Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.