Health: Splinting As A Cure For Constipation.

Though constipation has not yet been considered as a modern day disease but it certainly is bothering every third person today as a victim of life style.

The question asked by the people who know what Splinting is – Can it help constipation? The answer goes without saying with the phrase – when in doubt, thumb it out.

People keep scrolling social media sitting on the toilet seat when constipated, they are not sure how long it can take for something to happen. This is where the knowledge about splinting as a cure for constipation comes into play.

What is the meaning of splinting here?

As per the medical experts, “splinting is about supporting the perineum— this is the area which is external one between the vagina and rectum —in other words it is the back wall of the vagina in order to support in having a bowel movement.”

Splinting is also needed some times in cases of pelvic organ prolapse, and as we know, a prolapse is when a body organ or part drops from its normal place or position.

The US Dept. of Health & Human Services Office for Women’s Health,  says, with a pelvic organ prolapse, stool can get caught in a pouch or a “pocket,” which can make stool evacuation difficult.

Splinting in instances of prolapse involves pushing back on the prolapse of the vagina in order to make the stool pass.

Obviously splinting redirects your bowel movement for enabling you to pass stool more easily.  One of the experts also say that splinting can also be utilized in instances of prolapse which interferes with peeing—but this is seen less.

One year ago a TikTok user in 2021, Ambria Alice Walter-Field (@ambriaalicewalterfield), had posted a video in which he asked people to share a reason why they are delighted to have a vagina. He went first, saying, “You know when you are struggling to go for a ‘P-O-O’ and you just”— then he makes a hook motion with a thumb—”and see it is fine then.”