10 Key Points As State By The PM In The House

Today several countries across the globe praise India’s help to over 150 countries during the pandemic from various world forums..

PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi

The PM said lighter moments and debates are part and parcel of house proceedings, but we shouldn’t forget that we, as a country, have opportunities that we are proud of.

Prime Minister said, “India became the fifth largest economy amid difficult times”. “Several countries are suffering from instability due to war. Several others are facing inflation, unemployment, and lack of food security including our neighbors. Amid difficult times, India became the fifth-largest economy,” PM Modi pointed out.

There is hope in every sector of the country, PM Modi said India world’s the second-largest in mobile manufacturing. “India is emerging as a manufacturing hub. The world sees prosperity in India’s growth but some people don’t want to accept it. The country is moving ahead at full strength, with massive transformation through technology taking place,” the prime minister added.

India’s digital structure is a game changer. “The speed with which India’s digital infrastructure has shown its strength&made a change towards modernity – it’s being studied by the entire world. I was in Bali for G20 Summit. Digital India was being appreciated everywhere & there was curiosity that how the country is doing this”, PM Modi added.

Talking on COVID-19 Vaccination, “The sheer magnitude of the vaccination program during the pandemic is an example of a stable and decisive government. We developed the ‘Made In India’ vaccine and provided free doses of vaccines to the citizens,” PM Modi said in Lok Sabha.

“Today several countries across the globe praise India’s help to over 150 countries during the pandemic from various world forums”, PM Modi added.

Today, all the credible institutions of the world, all experts who deeply study the global effects and can also make predictions for the future, are very hopeful & excited for India. Why is this happening? Why is the entire world looking at India hopefully? PM Narendra Modi highlighted.

In the last 9 years, 90,000 startups have come up. We rank number 3 in the world in Startups. A huge startup ecosystem has reached every nook and corner of the country: Narendra Modi said in Lok Sabha.

“Our priority is to work for the welfare of deprived, poor, tribals; that is our mission. Today, there is positivity, hope, and trust for India across the world. It is a matter of joy that today India has received the opportunity of the #G20 Presidency. It is a matter of pride for the country, and for the 140 crore Indians, “PM Modi added.

The once-in-a-100-yr pandemic, war-like situation on the other hand, a divided world — even in this situation, even in this crisis, the manner in which the country has been steadied, the manner in which it has steadied itself has filled the entire nation with confidence & pride: PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha.

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