Bharat Express Chairman Upendra Rai meets Mumbai’s first Special Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti, invites him to the channel’s launch

Senior journalist Upendra Rai presented the vision document of his news channel to be launched on February 1 to Mumbai’s first special police commissioner Deven Bharti and apprised him about the aim of ‘Bharat Express’ ‘Satya, Sahas, Samarpan’.

Bharat Express News Network Chairman Upendra Rai and Mumbai's first Special Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti

Upendra Rai, Chairman, MD, and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express News Network, met Mumbai’s first Special Commissioner of Police, Deven Bharti on Tuesday. During this meeting, senior journalist Upendra Rai invited him as a guest in the launching program (February 1) of his soon-to-be-launched news network ‘Bharat Express’.

Along with this, senior journalist Upendra Rai apprised him about the objectives of ‘The Bharat Express’ ‘Truth, Courage, Dedication’ and presented him with the vision document of ‘Bharat Express’.

Mumbai’s first Special Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti paid attention to the perspective with a few vital suggestions for the coming up news channel of Upendra Rai, extending him his heartfelt best wishes.

Upendra Rai is about to launch a media group named Bharat Express News Network. He will now use the experiences of his long journalistic life belonging to more than two and a half decades’ which will strengthen his private media group, so that the condition, direction, and value of social consciousness of journalism could be maintained in society.

Bharat Express News Network will deliver all the news to the people in Hindi, English, and Urdu. Upendra Rai’s outstanding effort is to keep the moral values of journalism alive while making all the platforms of his media group vibrant according to the times. Therefore, along with TV, all aspects of news will be emphasized in newspapers and the digital dais.