Hyatt Regency’s Owner Shiv Kumar Jatia Takes Loan Of 15 Crores Using Fake Documents, Accused Of Forging Signatures

Shiv Kumar Jatia, the owner of Hyatt Regency, is once again in the midst of controversies. This time he is accused of taking a loan…

Shiv Kumar Jatia

Case filed against Shiv Kumar Jatia (representative)

Shiv Kumar Jatia, the owner of Hyatt Regency, is once again in the midst of controversies. This time he is accused of taking a loan of about Rs 15 crore from ICICI Bank on the basis of fake documents. It is alleged that the Economic Offenses Wing of Delhi Police did not take strict action in this matter.

Another case of forgery has come to light against the owner of Hotel Hyatt Regency, he is accused of cheating a senior citizen of about Rs 16 crore in the name of a world-class luxury project in Goa. It is alleged that he took a loan of Rs 15 crore on the basis of fake documents in connivance with the officials of ICICI Bank. It is surprising that this time the allegation of cheating and forgery has been posed by none other than his brother’s wife.

Forgery allegation posed

Actually, Shiv Kumar Jatia, the owner of Hotel Hyatt Regency, has two brothers. The property in Gulmohar Park where they live was bought by these three brothers in the name of their wives in the year 1982. In the year 2006, Jatia’s younger brother’s wife Neeta transferred her share in their name. Now, two-thirds of this property is in the name of Jatia’s wife, while one-third is in the name of Shashi, his brother’s wife. It is alleged that Shiv Kumar Jatia took a loan of Rs 14.96 crore on fake documents by mortgaging the same property of Gulmohar Park with ICICI Bank without the knowledge or consent of Shashi.

Revelation of the case

After taking a loan from the bank, Jatia did not pay the installment on time, so the bank’s recovery team reached his brother’s wife, Shashi’s house in Mumbai on 29 May 2021. Shashi Jatia runs the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. The team told Shashi’s son over the phone that the application for the property of Gulmohar Park in the name of which Shiv Jatiya had taken the loan was also signed by Shashi as a co-applicant. That’s why he contacted her. Two days after receiving this information, Shashi emailed the mortgage branch of ICICI Bank and informed them that neither she has taken the loan nor signed any application.

False signatures by Shiv Kumar Jatia

Distressed after getting the information about the mortgage of the property by forging her signature, Shashi Jatiya approached ICICI Bank’s Nariman Point branch and asked for the documents. But the bank did not give him all the documents related to the loan application. But he got the documents with his signature on the application. When they got their forensic examination done by the Forgery Detection Private Bureau, it was proved that the signatures were fake.

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Case filed in August 2021

Shashi Jatiya complained about the case on 30 August 2021 to the Economic Offenses Wing of Delhi Police. In which, Shiv Kumar Jatiya, his wife Archana Jatiya, and the officials of the Green Park branch of ICICI Bank, who gave the loan, were accused of forgery. He alleges that the ICICI Bank officials knowingly gave him the loan without checking her signature documents or KYC.

No strict actions taken

After the preliminary investigation, the EOW registered a case on 28 January 2022 against Shiv Kumar Jatiya, his wife Archana, and ICICI Bank officials under the sections of cheating, preparing, and using fake documents. But in this case too, due to the patronage of an IPS officer posted as Joint Commissioner of Police, food supply was done in the name of action against him. When contacted in EOW for information about the action taken in this regard, ACP Virender Kadayan, who is associated with the investigation, said that only the DCP can tell about this. While it was told from his office that DCP Haider Ali has gone on a course and Vikram Porwal is on leave.