Morning Tea with Bharat Express: No matter how damaged, soul still has worth

They say, the damaged souls still have their worth. And there is not even an iota of doubt about it.

Let us go through an instance. once people in a fine morning saw a sign board -‘Puppies For Sale’ which was placed over the door of a shop.

Usually any such signs has a tendency to attract young children, and to no surprise, one passing by boy seeing the sign approached the shop owner.  ‘How much am I suppose to pay for the puppies?’ he askes.

Replies the store owner, ‘You can pay Anywhere from $30 to $50.’

The little boy thought for a minute and then pulled out some change from his pocket. He said -‘I have $2.37,’ And what he said next was touching – ‘Can I please go have a look at them?’

The smiling shop owner whistled. And then out of the kennel came a Lady. She ran down the shop aisle and was followed by five teeny, tiny fur balls.

One of the puppies was lagging a little walking behind. The little boy within no time singled out the limping lagging puppy. He asked, ‘What happened to that little dog?’

The shop owner came close to the boy and explained everything. He said that the veterinarian had examined the little dog and found out that it did not have a hip socket. That is what was making him limp. Then he said that the puppy would always be lame.

And for the surprise of the shop owner, the little boy said with excitement – ‘That is the puppy that I want to buy.’

The shop owner did not hesitate to say, ‘No, you don’t look like you want to buy that puppy. For real if  you want him, I’ll right away give the little dog to you.’

The little boy looked a little upset. Looking straight into the eyes of the store owner, he pointed his finger, and said;

‘No, I do not want you to give the little dog to me. That puppy is worth every bit as much as all the other dogs here and I will pay full price for him. Actually, I am now going to give you $2.37 and will pay 50 cents each month until I have him paid for fully.’

Still the shop owner countered the little boy, saying, ‘You really do not wish to buy this puppy. He will never be able to run or jump or play with you the way other puppies do.’

To the shop owner’s surprise, reaching down the little boy rolled up his pant leg and then he revealed a badly twisted, crippled left leg which was supported by a big metal brace.

The little boy looking at the face of the shop owner, replied softly, ‘Well, I myself do not run so well, and the little puppy will need someone now who understands it!’”