“Kewda Ki Naal” An Untimed, Timed Blast?

The Asarwa-Udaipur Express train made its inaugural run on the track from Ahmedabad’s Asarwa railway station on October 31, 2022, as signaled by Prime Minister Modi.

An explosion on Sunday near the Kewda Ki Naal hamlet in the Udaipur district caused fractures to appear on the recently built Udaipur-Ahmedabad wide gauge railway track. On October 31, 2022 Ahmedabad’s Asarwa railway station served as the starting point for the Asarwa-Udaipur Express train’s first run.

A few hours prior to the train’s scheduled passage across the bridge, there was a blast. The discovery of some mining explosives and detonators nearby raises the probability of a plan to trigger the railway catastrophe.

To begin an investigation into the incident’s terrorist component, a team from the Rajasthan police’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) travelled to the scene, 35 kilometers from Udaipur. All elements of the incident, including sabotage and the alleged plot to blow up the bridge with detonators, will be looked into, according to the police. Additionally, the forensic teams gathered data from the scene.

After some young people heard a big noise and went to the bridge early on Sunday, the surrounding villagers informed the railway officials about the explosion. They discovered the explosive material spread across the bridge, the metal sheet fastened underneath the track uprooted, and the railway lines damaged with their nuts and bolts gone.

The Zawar Mines police station in the Udaipur district has authority over the region. Train traffic on that segment has been stopped. The two fast trains between Asarwa and Udaipur, according to sources with the North-Western Railway, would only go as far as Dungarpur while the railroad track was being fixed.

Those who attempted to demolish the track and create the major disaster, according to Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, will face harsh punishment. The crew in charge of repairing the bridge, according to Mr. Vaishnaw, was already on the scene. He said that after a preliminary investigation, which included taking pictures and gathering evidence, the trains will resume operating in three to four hours.

In light of recent events in Udaipur, he said that the occurrence was “extremely hazardous,” perhaps alluding to the June 28th slaying of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in broad daylight at a market there. “This worries us a great deal. To finish the probe, we have sent out the strongest teams available, he told reporters in New Delhi.

Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister, claimed to have given the director-general of police orders to investigate the event. Senior administrative and police officers are present. According to Mr. Gehlot’s tweet, the State government would fully cooperate with railroads in the track rehabilitation.