Beware, Phone Users! Beware: Don’t spend too much time on phones/tablets, otherwise your ageing will accelerate

We all belong to the jet age of the neo-technology today. But we need to have constant touch with nature and natural life at the same time. Here is why.

Do not keep enjoying the company of your phone all day. Research has shown staying too long on phones or tablets otherwise your ageing process will be accelerated.

It’s time you put your devices away. Life is bigger than the need of phones or tablets. The neo-mod life style has made us more materialistic keeping us away from our natural life style.  Our socialization, travelling, shopping, roaming around, eating and watching movies – all these events of our daily life has synchronized to their minimum level due to the technology boom. This is truly fatal for life which will start showing its horrible hints gradually.

No doubt, the inevitable requirement of mod professionalism makes smart phones, tablets, computers and such electronic gadgets mandatory. However, the alerts have time and again been in place for us to do the needful with tiny efforts being watchful.

Staying glued to such electronic device certainly accelerate the users ageing process, thus we have got to know the price we are paying for this luxury. This serious precaution has now been again presented before us to pay attention by a foreign journal. The Frontiers in Aging journal with its study – conducted on fruit flies – concluded with the result showing that excessive screen time can affect our skin, fat and brain cells.

A US scientist also has been quoted saying ‘‘Too much exposure to blue light from our devices like TVs, laptops, and phones, may cause detrimental effects on a wide range of cells in human body which can harm our skin and fat cells to sensory neurons too.’’