It’s BTS again! : Bags ten nominations at MAMA 2022

The BTS Army is in news again with the thrilling sensation where the K-Pop kings bags ten nominations at MAMA 2022.

Though initially it looked a little confused when a BTS ARMY members were individually competing against each other at the MAMA 2022 awards.

The BTS band has a lot to do now. This week has brought good news for for all fans of the K-Pop sensations. Now, the scene shows MAMA 2022 nominations getting dropped with fans being in ecstasy.

On one hand the group BTS remains with three nominations in the worldwide fan category, BTS V aka Kim Taehyung, Jimin, J-Hope and SUGA have also obtained a number of nominations. For their OSTs, Kim Taehyung and Jimin have got nominations. Ha Sung-woon and Jimin sang the number With You from Our Blues, whereas Kim Taehyung used his voice for Christmas Tree for the show Our Beloved Summer starring one of his besties Kim Dami and Choi Woo-sik.

The story still goes on.  The good news for J-Hope surprised him with his nominations in six categories. His nomination includes one for Best Hip-Hop, Best Urban Music and Best Male Artist categories. The song between Crush and J Hope – Rush Hour, has also got a nomination.

The Artist Of The Year category also witnesses his nomination in there. Apart from this in the Song Of The Year category also his name is seen.  This is admirable given the fact that he has just made his soloist debut. In all, BTS and its members with ten nominations are the grand happy news for there worldwide supporters and fans. For That That, PSY and SUGA are also nominated for Best Collaboration, and they have all chances of picking the trophy.